Mobility is going through a transition that has an implication on how fleets are being planned and managed. The emerging number of new Electric Vehicle models are making them viable alternatives for various use cases within company fleets. Fleet electrification helps to reduce emission while also keeping costs affordable.

While the promise of fleet electrification is appealing, switching to electric vehicles need to be properly planned. We aim to guide companies through this journey.

Konetik helps to drive the e-mobility revolution with its AI-driven solutions and extensive charging expertise.

We are passionate about solving challenges of e-mobility integration and management with automated and digital solutions.

Our core team includes energy management experts, hardware and software engineers, designers, data analytics experts, senior international management, marketing and sales professionals, as well as technical experts from the automotive sector. We have a truly European business and tech team. The company’s headquarters was set up in Berlin to manage the EU wide expansion from a European business hub and we have a technology development centre in Budapest.


Konetik was founded in 2014. We have established the company with the mission to contribute to more efficient transportation by delivering data driven support solutions and help companies to increase safety and efficiency.

We have already built a plug–and–play digital fleet management product and successfully commercialised it in all over Europe for hundreds of customers. After identifying the difficulties to integrate electric vehicles into our clients’ daily operations we made a commitment to leverage our expertise in telematics and energy management to facilitate e-vehicle uptake.

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