• Find the most suitable electric vehicles for your fleet
  • Plan your charging infrastructure taking into account idle time and risks related to range anxiety
  • Get the most out of the TCO of your future EV fleet and find the most economic alternatives

We help maximizing the financial and environmental benefits of fleet electrification.

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    Plan electric vehicle adaption process

    Konetik helps to understand the characteristics of your fleet's usage patterns and define the electrification project goals, scope and methodology. We help to find the "low-hanging fruits" for electrification and build up a successful business case on a data driven basis.

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    Data acquisition

    With its plug and play tracking devices Konetik collects all the necessary data from your vehicle fleet. We ship them, you connect them, the rest is up to us.

    In case your vehicles are already tracked, it's even better. Konetik can process data from an ever growing number of fleet tracking systems. Having historical data of your fleet you can reduce the time of the analysis radically.

  • 03

    Data analysis

    Our AI crunches your data, detects your POIs (Points of Interest), and makes tailored recommendations based on the usage patterns of your fleet. It recommends EV models best fitting your fleet operations in terms of business continuity and economy. As charging equipment is essential to operate your EV fleet seamlessly, it also makes recommendations on the chargers to be installed at the detected POIs.

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    The results are presented on the Konetik Web Dashboard in a highly detailed, yet intuitive manner. You can explore many aspects of electrifying your fleet including environmental impact and potential savings, expected charger duties, etc., with insights on the recommended steps of your fleet electrification project. You can also invite your key stakeholders to see the final report.

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